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   (14-Jan-07 23:23)  Switching to Ubuntu
I decided today that the only thing holding me back from switching my windows server box to linux was asp pages...

Then, i realised that i dont actually serve asp pages right now - and if i wanted to, i could just use one of the asp plugins for apache (such as this one)

So, im downloading Ubuntu tonight, and will probably switch it all over this week. That means the server will likely be offline until the weekend if things dont go so well...

It also means, i probably wont have anytime to implement the comments system for these postings...

Another thing that needs to be done on this site is a rethinking of the way that content is served...
I mean, right now, everything i can think of is ajaxed to the client, which is all very nice and 'forward thinking', but google will probably not be indexing much at all :)

So, either i make a static copy of the site, and add to it with every post on the server somehow, or i tone down the ajax a little, and make the site more google friendly....

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(19-Jan-07 0:32)  Posted by Rob
Got the comments working!
Just need to implement the Security Text to try to prevent naughty people from doing bad things :)
(19-Jan-07 19:27)  Posted by Rob
Security images are going :)

A very nice implementation if i do say so, and all ajaxed of course :)

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