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   (16-May-08 20:44)  Multiple remoting clients with same ClientType
If you have a remoting server application, where you are firing events, or calling methods on your clients - you may come across a problem when one or more clients connect.

If you are using the following code in your server side, client handler:

WellKnownClientTypeEntry remotetype = new WellKnownClientTypeEntry(typeof(IProxy, "http://" m_ServerUrl ":" m_ServerPort "/ProxyName");

Then don't!

You don't need to register each client as a wellknown type - instead, just use the following when you need to get your remote type:

IProxy proxyObject = (IProxy)Activator.GetObject(typeof(IProxy), "http://" m_ServerUrl ":" m_ServerPort "/ProxyName");
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