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   (5-Dec-07 10:25)  Installing Visual Studio 2008
Installing the new Visual Studio 2008 was far more trouble than it should have been...

I think my problems started because I had previously installed the beta, which deposited Microsoft applications all over my system like some obnoxious virus...

The process went a little bit like this:

1) Run the vs2008 setup, error straight away - please read the log file...
2) Open log file, learn that microsoft .net framework 3.5 beta is preventing things going any further.
3) Uninstall microsoft .net framework 3.5 beta, and decide that uninstalling everything that looks remotely vs 2008 beta-ish should also go.
4) reboot, and watch as system locks up and will not log me in
5) swear lots, reboot into safe mode, then realise you can't uninstall in safe mode...
6) swear lots more.
7) reboot and choose "last known good configuration" option
8) watch as system locks up again,
9) go to lunch, and come back to find the computer has decided to login now.
10) Run vs2008 setup.exe and wait
11) Wait some more...
12) Have vs2008 installer tell me halfway through the install (1.5 hours later...) that it can't install SQL Server 2005 Express Edition,
13) Check the log and find that apparently nothing else after SQL was installed, and that its still complaining about .Net 3.5
14) Uninstall everything remotely Microsoft 2008 ish.
15) Find a script that is meant to remove the old 2008 beta stuff
16) Reinstall again
17) Get SQL Server 2005 Express Edition error again
18) Uninstall everything remotely Microsofty, and uninstall everything listed here
19) Reboot, Reinstall.
20) Sql error again - despite not having any sql actually installed...

The sql error is whats stopping things proceeding, and contributing to a much shorter lifespan for me....

I'm hesitant to use vs2008 in this partially installed state, since it is likely to cause unforeseen issues later on.

When I manage to regain sanity, I may have my machine re-imaged, and then try again...

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