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   (19-Nov-07 15:27)  Shitty p990i java implementation
The Sony Ericsson p990i has an appalling java implementation.
While developing for the phone over the last few months, I've come across a multitude of problems with how it implements the j2me.
One problem I've had in particular is repainting a custom list control I made for the phone.

Posting on the SE forums may help..:

Hi all,

I am developing an application on a p990i and have had an issue with repainting a custom item - a list control.

The issue occurs when the list control has items added to it after calling a web service, and retrieving data. This list populate process happens in a separate thread to the main application.

The items are added to the list control, and the list is told to repaint by calling invalidate(); and repaint();
But the control only displays the top item. Clicking on the space where the other items [i]should[/i] be makes the application react as if the items were there by firing the onclick listener for the control. So the items are there, they just arent being drawn.
I've tried adding a separate button to the form that also tells the list to invalidate(); and repaint(); when clicked, but this also does nothing.

In the emulator and other phones I'm developing for, the list displays correctly.

It may be worth noting that in a previous version of the phones firmware, I had the same problem, but could solve it by setting the text property of a StringItem on the same page to its text:

Since updating, this fix no longer does anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Kind Regards,

Here's hoping....
If I do find a solution, I'll post it here just in case some other poor person has to deal with this phone...

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