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   (21-Aug-07 10:34)  Geekgear is live
My tshirt website is finally live!

All shirts are $30, and there is a flat postage fee of $5 regardless of the number you order.
In addition, if you decide you want more than one, you can pick them up for just $25 each!

I'm initially starting out doing all the free marketing I can, (such as posting on my blog :D) so head along there and check them out.

Also, Hayden Tennent of said he would make a blog posting about the site - which would help since he has more visitors than I do :)

Thanks Hayden!!

I've also installed Google Analytics - a tool that I've heard a lot about, but am ashamed to say have never used. It will be interesting to see how the tool will help me in my online marketing campaign, and overall sales.

Head along, and check it out!

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(22-Aug-07 17:36)  Posted by Euan
Oh, looking very nice Rob, good job :)
(5-Sep-07 8:14)  Posted by Hayden Tennent
A very well designed website Rob.

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