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   (8-Aug-07 10:11)  Apple brings out new Imacs
Ultra thin, ultra elegant, ultra apple...

New Imacs just brought out by apple which are looking as sleek as expected.

I especially like this picture:

Look at that horrible cluttered pc - who'd want that thing when you can have the nice mac...?

I'm no mac basher - But I'd take the pc with its games, ability to [completely] customise hardware, and lower price any day over clutter free wiring ;)

Maybe I am a mac basher...

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(20-Aug-07 17:58)  Posted by Euan
Whens the next post??

(20-Aug-07 23:13)  Posted by Logan
Why the HELL don't they have a wireless keyboard? Those Apple guys screw up one more time, I'll strangle them with an elegant white cable.

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