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   (20-Jul-07 14:16)  Sony erricson brings out an IPhone competitor
It was only a matter of time before someone decided to launch an IPhone competitor. Sony Ericsson is launching their new P1i smartphone - presumably to replace the p9xx range.

From the website, it almost seems that the marketing department have sat down and figured out all of the complaints that people have had about the iPhone, and created a marketing campaign to suit.

For example - a lot of complaints have been centered around the poor internet speed of the sub-3g edge network. Not for the P1i:
"Bring your office on the road. 3G gives you the speed you need. And you have full office applications on your phone - view and edit documents on the go."

The iPhone lacks memory expandibility, but not with the P1i:
"You'll find all you need to get the most out of your phone in the box: A 512MB Memory Stick Micro..."

Although experts say that bluetooth functionality on the iPhone is but a firmware update away:
"Forget cables - wireless is the way forward. Connect to other devices with Bluetooth to sync, share and send"

Now, perhaps this is legitimate marketing, and I'm just splitting hairs.
Of course the release of the P1i won't have nearly the same hype as the iPhone, but I still think it will be a very good phone.

Like all of apple's products - competing products are usually priced lower and have more features. Sure - you don't get the wank factor of owning an apple. Nor do you get the jazzy interface, or the stuff that makes you just WOL (Wow out loud :D).

One question remains - I wonder if Apple will claim that they have trademarks on the letter "i", and the use of it in the SE phone is breaching the trademark...

Wouldn't be surprised...

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