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   (4-Jul-07 10:52)  Where are your users clicking?
This Blog has an interesting bit of javascript that not only allows you to track where your users are clicking, but overlay the results as a sort of a heat map on your webpage.

As far as web designers are concerned, this shows them exactly where their users are clicking, and lets them see the results of changing front page text/layout.

Clients might also be interested in this, because it gives you that comforting sense that people are actually visiting your website you just paid x amount of $ for :)

I will go ahead and implement it on this site, and make a link to show the heat map.

I will also look at creating a simple 'drop in' javascript file that handles all the necessary code, and puts a link on the webpage for clients to see their heat map. This way, I can easily add it to clients sites for a minimal time cost, but with maximum wow factor returns.

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