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   (20-Jun-07 12:30)  Using the Altezza built in Navigation system in NZ
I've been trying to find out about the built in Nav system in the altezza. It came with a japanese DVD, which is obviously no good for me :)

From what I can tell, the DVD is the only software the system uses - no firmware, or anything like that. So, my thinking was that I should be able to pick up a NZ nav dvd from toyota and have a good factory nav system.

Guess I thought wrong .....
Toyota NZ says that they do offer nav DVDs for some models, but can't definitively say if it works or not. Luckily that have a test dvd that customers can try for free, to see if it will work.
The cost of the nav DVD is around $750, so not the sort of money you want to spend to fine the DVD won't work....
So, I thought, I'll just ring a few Toyota dealers to see if the have the test dvd in stock. Turns out, nobody knows about it...

After much googling, emailing, phone calling, e.t.c, I found a company called Whereis who do nav DVDs for Toyotas in New Zealand.
Great - I'll call them and confirm it works for my car. Well turns out they don't know either...

What a nightmare...

Next stop will be to get the model number of my navigation system and ring Denso to see if they can tell me if it will work...

My other line of thinking was to get the necessary files, and make up a hodge podge dvd using my existing one...
The DVD has kwi files on it; from what I've read, a format common among navigation systems. My thinking is that if I can use the files from another systems nav dvd, and get them working with mine, then I should be able to make my own!
To test this, I'm trying 2 things first:
1) Can the navigation system load ok from a copied DVD?
2) Can I make my hodge podge disk work in the navigation system?

I'm testing #1 by just doing a straight copy of the DVD using DVDDecrypter, and writing a new DVD. I'll then test that the copied DVD works as the original one would.
When I've confirmed that, I'll use a UK, or Australian DVD (which I have access to), and grab the kwi files from that, and see if my hodge podge mix up will work.

It's a long shot, but if it works, it will be great :)


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(30-Jan-11 10:47)  Posted by altezza
Did it work ?
(11-Mar-11 22:13)  Posted by jake
...did it??? did it??

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(15-Feb-15 18:48)  Posted by Soul
Did it worked??????

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