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   (17-Jun-07 0:16)  Bought a Gita
I went out and bought a 2001 Altezza Gita today.

Picking it up on Monday - I can't wait :)

It is pretty much spec'd as I wanted it -
It's the 3.0 litre 5 speed tiptronic version, Silver (which suits Jing just perfectly), has a sunroof, very few marks/scratches, unmodified (no silly body kits), factory alloys, has the Toyota navigation system, cloth interior, and manual (i.e. not electric) seat controls.

I've been looking up what I can about the navigation system, which is of course in Japanese. It turns out that I may be able to buy a DVD for it that will get it working in New Zealand, although it might be quite pricey. I emailed 3 companies, so should here back on Monday.

I also may look at getting a convertor for the ntsc tv input -> pal, however this will probably be astronomically expensive too, but i'll find out anyway.

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(18-Jun-07 14:14)  Posted by -Euan-
DUDE... thats not half bad :)
keen as for that ride... (think I could take it for a spin ?)


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