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   (14-Jun-07 9:29)  Photo albums
In the next few days, I'll be adding photo albums to the blog.

Right now, photos just exist in one big database table (or small - there are only 3 so far :D). I want to be able to create albums of photos which represent various categories.

Each photo album will have its own folder, and use the first 4 images of the album to create a folder like image - very much like a thumbnail folder in windows explorer:

This will be done on the fly by a php script. Once the image has been created, it will be stored in the album's folder so it doesn't need to be created each time the album is rendered.

Once I've completed the photo album code, I'll post some of the code so readers can see how I got about doing the dynamic creation of an image.

On a side note, the old Movie image has been modified to say "Code". I didn't have the same font anymore, and couldn't remember where I got it from, so i used a similar looking font, and combined it with the Co in Contact, and the e in Home.
I just needed that 'd' :)
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(14-Jun-07 10:02)  Posted by Scragster
haha loving the 'code' looks almost perfect :)
(17-Jun-07 9:01)  Posted by Rob
Thanks :) If you have a look at the photos section now, you'll see that I'm most of the way through the implementation. There are a few small things that still need to be completed, but in general, its basically finished.

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