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   (10-Jun-07 0:02)  Added static pages
Static pages are done! -

Basically, the static pages are not really static pages at all - the index.php file checks if there is a 'p' in the url, and if so, assumes the user is looking for the static news item.

However, after coming from a static url, clicking on any of the javascript/ajax links will use the standard ajax way of bringing data in without postbacks.

I also added little 'static url' images next to each news item, so people can click on that, or use its link to reference news items to friends if required.

All in all, its a very easy solution, and doesn't in any way effect the ajax functionality of the site.

The archive of news has also been completed - its more or less just a "Select * from news order by postedAt", then a while loop, listing each news' date and title.
Clicking on the news items will expand them, and ajax in the contents, and with the new static url system, clicking on the url image will take the user off to the news' static page.

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