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After a long respite, I've decided to get back into my blog site, and get it finished off.

I've replaced the Movies page with a code snippet page (image still to be re-done), that allows people to view useful code snippets I frequently use. Right now, the database is reasonably empty, but as time goes on, I'll add more and more.

Once the site is finished, I'll probably move it across to more permanent/reliable server that is on all the time, unlike my home server, which is plagued with internet connection problems, thanks to Telecom.

The next thing planned is to create a script that makes static html pages for each news posting, and creates permanent urls for them. Google search results and ajax just don't mix, so it will be a nice simple workaround to get some hits on my blog :)

I have an 'ideas' section of my site too, that is currently only available to administrators (i.e. me!), but I quite like the idea, so I may make it freely available. I'd also like to add some javascript controls to the code snippets library at some stage, since I've developed a fair few over the past few months for my RosterRocket website update.

Right now however, I'd better get back to work on my distributed Neural Network trainer that I'm working on at the University of Auckland.

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